Chips Manufacturer In India

chips manufacturer in india

Chips have been the major savior for people who like to munch in free time or even when feel slightly hungry. Not every people feel like eating heavy food when hungry, and so they end up having chips. Since there are variants available in the chips, potato chips are the most preferred one. Potato chips have been in existence since the 18th century. Potato chips are popular snacks in literally most parts of the world. What makes them so popular is the kind of variety that they come in. From simple plain salted chips to chips with an assortment of spices, virtually all kinds of chips are super popular. This is what makes chips the most sought after snack in the world. Consequently, a variety of chips manufacturer in India and abroad are serving various flavors of chips to customers. Apart from being served as snacks, they may also be used as a side dish or as appetizers. The popularity of potato chips is humongous. This is evident from the revenue generated by the potato chips industry worldwide in 2005. The number here was close to USD 17 Billion.

Kiwi Foods is a part of this gigantic industry and has had the reputation of serving quality chips to its customers. They are one of the most coveted chips manufacturer in India. The famous actor Rajpal Yadav is its Brand Ambassador, which acts as a testament to their quality. The company also produces a variety of other tasty snacks and confectionary items.

Types of Potato Chips     

Though there are some classic internationally popular flavors, there are some regional flavors also. Let us check out the internationally acclaimed ones first.

  • Common Flavors

  1. Plain: This is the most popular and most common flavor. It has a classic simple taste to it with just salt added. It is the best flavor to be used as an add along to other dishes. Other than that, they are great for a quick snack that you can binge on. They also go great as appetizers for dinners. They can be served with a variety of dips and chutneys.
  2. Barbecue: Barbecue is a combination of tangy flavors, smoky aroma and a blast of spices and herbs. This makes it an explosion of flavors in your mouth. The spices that make up the barbecue flavor include the powdered form of chili, garlic, onion, and cayenne predominantly. Barbeque chips are great in combination with turkey sandwiches.
  3. Cream and Onion: Cream and Onion is basically a combination of Sour cream and onions. It is a great taste and is very refined. The flavors are beautifully balanced and have a tangy flavor due to the sour cream. The onion gives it a sweet taste. This potato chip is great in combination with wine. It is also eaten alongside with roasted meat.
  4. Salt and Vinegar: the salt and Vinegar is another flavor that steals the hearts of millions. The salt makes it taste like the plain salted chips while the vinegar adds a zing to the flavor. It’s sort of a punch towards the end.
  5. Cheese: Another great flavor that is a serious contender for accompanying wine or champagne is Cheese flavored chips. They have this beautiful taste that is the reminiscence of quality cheese infused in chips. A perfect combination for your classic Fish and chips recipe, these chips hold their own.
  6. Jalapeno: Jalapeno flavored chips are a rage these days. Who does not like Jalapenos? They are in everything and that is certainly the case with chips. Jalapenos flavored chips are tangy and have a burst of spicy heat that burns your tongue. But it is a satisfying experience.
  • Some Regional Flavors

  1. Canada: In Canada, there are some common regional flavors that are fan favorites. These flavors include dill pickle, ketchup, all dressed etc.
  2. Ireland: The Irish are people that love their alcohol. Along with their alcohol, they love their chips snacks to go with it. The most common flavors that kind of originated here include Onion & Cheese as well as Vinegar & Salt.
  3. Europe: The most prominent flavor that scales Europe is the Red Paprika flavor.
  4. Japan: Japan has the most Unique variety of chips sold anywhere in the world. The variety ranges from Soy Sauce, Garlic, Butter and Teriyaki to the mouth burning Wasabi.
Common Dishes that Use Chips

So as we discussed before, chips are not only consumed as a snack. Chips can also be used as a component in dishes. Some common recipes that use chips as its components include Taco Salad, Potato Chip Chicken, Chips with Tuna Casserole, Crusty Chip Mac and Cheese, Potato Chips Omelet and the whole lot more.

As a matter of fact, the recopies mentioned above are some of the easiest to prepare. All you need to do is purchase some of Chippy’s Potato Chips Manufactured by Kiwi Foods, one of the most prominent chips manufacturer in India. Chippy’s is a brand that comes in various flavors. You can get your hands on a wide variety of flavors such as the Classic Salted, Cream and Onion, Tangy Tomato, Mast Masala and the simply salted.

Kiwi Foods is one of the best chips manufacturers in India. It is been recognized and certified by the ISO 22000:2005 and is also certified by critical Control points (HACCP) and Hazard Analysis. Both of these agencies have a great reputation in the world. These agencies are the standard of quality. Hence, Kiwi foods manufacture high- quality products and follow all the safety guidelines. Also, regular inspections are been done on their manufacturing facilities. So you are assured of quality chips products to eat.