Pop Fizz

Assorted Flavour : Mango, Orange, Tamarind, Cola

Bomb Blast

Assorted Flavour : Orange, Cola, Lemon, Mango

Pop Top Lollipop

Assorted Flavour : Strawberry


Flavour : Rich Milk and chocolate


Flavour : Chocolate Wafer

Milk Fruity

Flavour : Strawberry Cream

Mango Tango

Flavour: Kachcha Aam With Mast Masala

Love Candy

Assorted Flavour : Ripe Mango, Litchi, Strawberry


Flavour : Rich Milk


Flavour : Asli Gulkand

Fruit & Milk

Flavour : Tutti Frutti


Flavour : Rich Chocolate and Milk

Cream Crunch

Flavour : Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Vanilla

Cream Crunch

Flavour : Vanilla, Mango, Orange, Strawberry

Cream Crunch Jumbo

Flavour : Vanilla, Orange, Strawberry, Mango

Cream Crunch Jumbo

Flavour : Chocolate

Butter Toffee

Flavour : Milky Butter

Coconut Affair

Flavour : Desiccated Coconut

Cofi Toffee

Flavour : Coffee

Choco Milk Eclairs

Flavour : Milk & Chocolate